Advertising Information

Advertising on NWB
We have 2 sizes of banners that we are currently running. The 300×193 runs on the right column, and the 539×60 runs below each featured article. For advertising inquires and a media kit, call Landon at 503-926-3333. Prices vary on banner size, location of placement and length of run time.

Product Reviews
If you are interested in sending us something to review on the site, send Landon an email and I will give you our address. I don’t take bribes or payment for reviews though. If I like your product I will possibly give it a good review on the site. If I don’t like it, then I will be honest about it, or not review it at all. So be forewarned.

All of our interviews are done as custom editorial pieces that are in no way advertisements, or are paid for in any way by an individual or a company. They are 100% for the sole purpose of shedding light on an individual who we think is deserving of an interview for one reason or another. Our goal is to feature interesting people who are inspiring, positive, and who are somehow connected to the NorthWest.