His name is Jonny Sischo

His name is Jonny Sischo

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This interview with Jonny Sischo started a few weeks back. Right before a major storm blew in over the cascades. Jonny sent me a message that just said “SkiBowl or Bust!” But being the stubborn self that I am, I simply replied “NO”. But that’s only because I had other plans that nobody knew about that day. This interview was conducted a few days later.

Hey Jonny, how was SkiBowl?
Ski bowl was so sick! I’ve been all over the U.S. this year and still got the best pow of the year at the bowl! Love it.

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Yea I rode meadows that same day. It was pretty much all-time. Where do you ride mostly on Mt. Hood?
Ski bowl for the pow, Timberline for the parks…and I try and get into the backcountry as much as I can.

So how long have you been living on Mt. Hood?
This will be my fifth winter here on Hood.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Rockford, Michigan. My home hill is Pando, just over a hundred vertical feet. All rope tows, all park.

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So then it makes perfect sense that you came out West.
Definitely, I love the year round shred and the beautiful National Forests! But my original plan was Bozeman, Montana. I worked at Big Sky for a while but that wasn’t a good fit for me…and I’m glad of it. Mt. Hood is definitely where I want to be. The vibe is always chill (except for the bro-brahs that come out in the summer). I can definitely see myself raising a family here.

Speaking of family, your a married man right? I actually just got engaged at Meadows that day you were trying to get me to meet you at the bowl. It was too good of an opportunity with 18″ and blue skies. How did you propose?
Congrats to you and your new fiance! So stoked for you! I am married and lovin’ it. I proposed to her by slipping the ring on her finger while she was asleep. She woke up and noticed the ring on her finger, then I asked her to be my wife. It was a very good day.

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You just won the Meadows after dark rail jam. How was that contest?
It was super fun. It was the first jam I’ve ever been to with more than four rails, I think they had like 9 features set up! Everyone was killin it, especially the mini shreds! The DJ was pushin’ dub step a little too hard for my liking, but it was a good time. Plus I got a little extra cash for my backcountry gear fund.

What is in store for you for the remainder of this season? Any big travel plans, etc?
Well, the majority of my winter travel has already happened. I got to spend a good amount of time in Colorado, Tahoe and I just recently got back from Grand Targhee, Wyoming. I’m headed to Vermont this week to coach at the Windells Winter Sessions at Mt. Snow. As far as the rest of the season goes, I’m hoping to get some time in the backcountry with my wife and sled. As for summer, I’ll be coaching at Windells Academy and doing as much camping and rock climbing as I can.

Who are your sponsors?
As of now I ride for Auviq, Niche Snowboards, Pow Gloves, Ilusive Snow Wear, Northwest Brandbase, Mt. Hood 26 Boardshop and Hillcrest Sports.

I’m currently trying to get connected with the guys at Homeschool. I really like the vibe over there. Maybe you can put in a good word for me ;)

The Homeschool snowboarding crew are super cool guys for sure. I’ll make sure they see this, and I’ll put in the good word.

Thanks Landon! Take care and lets shred soon!
ABSOLUTELY JONNY! Thanks for your time.

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  1. David Sischo

    13. Mar, 2012

    Great interview! Keep on killin’ it brother.

  2. Beefy Bizz

    13. Mar, 2012

    going places

  3. ANgela

    14. Mar, 2012

    Glad you didn’t go to SkiBowl that day.

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