Choad Cheese Snowboard Wax

Choad Cheese Snowboard Wax

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So first off, what exactly do you guys make?
We currently make unbelievably delicious smelling snowboard wax that is as fast as it is smelly. It’s called Choad Cheese, and is a celebration of stoke, smell and this suspended adolescence that we call snowboarding. We also make short films that feature a cross-dressing Dutch milkmaid named The Gooch, a naked maple syrup chugging pig boy and a chicken with a shitty attitude named Agnes. But we’re not always so esoteric- we’re working on an instructional film on how to properly wax using our newest scent, Jovian’s Brazilian Wax. It’s the tits.

How did you come up with the name?
On last Christmas day, I was riding at Mt. Bachelor with my friend Mars and I mentioned that we should make a wax and call it Choad Cheese. I thought it would be rad if people walked into their favorite boardshop and asked the dude at the counter if he has Choad Cheese. The original idea was to make Choad Cheese smell heinous and it did. After spending a few months researching wax and working with a friend who is a chemist, we made and tested our first batch. It smelled like a cross between an unkempt litterbox and a mass grave. We gave it to all of our friends and they loved it, but every single one said the smell had to go. Seriously, it was puke-in-your-mouth-a-little bad. So we made the formula slightly less repulsive and added some Nag Champa and called the scent Dirty Hippie. Smells like southeast Portland.

I hate the South East Hippie smell. Good thing you changed that. You should make a NorthEast Portland Hipster scented smell. I bet that would sell great!?
The Hipster Choad would smell something like a bike chain and a Goodwill bargain bin. What does a trust fund kid smell like?

You must do some crazy experiments on rats and squirrels in the factory to get those smells?
Not exactly: we have a petting zoo full of smelly animals at the factory, but their purpose is not to get smeared with wax. Rather, they provide us with the inspiration for combating stench. If you can’t smell the petting zoo, our wax is doing its job.

Do you make the wax in your kitchen or do you have a production facility?
We make it ourselves in small batches in The Factory, which is Mars’ garage.

Does the wax work good for the harsh conditions here in the NorthWest?
Our All-temp works awesome in the Northwest! We had excellent feedback all winter and spring from riders at Hood, Bachelor, Tahoe and some east coast guys. But the big test for us was developing our summer formula for Windell’s Snowboard Camp, who invited us to be their camp wax. There’s so much dirt and sand in the snow during the summer on Mt. Hood that it requires almost daily waxing to just to protect your base. So we tweaked our cold temp formula and came up with HELLA HARD! and it performed great. It stood up to the morning ice and afternoon dirty slush. It’s kind of a bitch to scrape but it’s super durable.

Is your product in stores yet?
Yeah, right now you can get Choad Cheese at Hood 26 and at Timberline in the day lodge. But as the season gets closer we’ll be in more shops. We’ve reached out to about every shop in the US but our main focus is to find a home in every Northwest boardshop. We’re local so it’s important to us that Choad Cheese is ridden locally.

Tell me about the videos you guys just produced. Who came up with the ideas for that?
If you take some Backwoods cigars, a cooler full of beer and get three geniuses together, you’re going to get a heinous video out of it. We are actually going to be making monthly film shorts, so we suggest keeping some KY jelly and paper towels near by- these things are sexy.

Do you have any team riders?
Absolutely, and they are so much more than team riders. The Crack Grease crew rides, reps, and makes up everything that this company is. They’re our friends, and provide the culture, the art, the passion, and the stoke that is Crack Grease.

Where do you guys ride?
Our home mountain is Hood, but we occupy chairlifts as pass holders at Mt. Bachelor, Kirkwood, and wherever the snow is piled high. We have riders in Colorado, Washington, Maryland, and of course Oregon, and try and get our boards on as many mountains each season as possible.

Check out Crack Grease online here or on twitter (@Crackgreasesnow) and Facebook for updates on our videos, events, and of course the wax.

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  1. LoveShred

    31. Oct, 2011

    Crack Grease wax is GREAT!!! it DOES smell nice and more importantly…it works!!! I used it last winter, and some of it this summer on Hood!! I cant wait to see it in stores and it is kinda hard to find unless you order on line or find the team in the parking lot at Hood…(Tline mostly)

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