Whats the deal with Volcom Snowboards?

Whats the deal with Volcom Snowboards?

Posted on Oct 16, 2010 by in SNOWBOARDING, Video Premier

A few years back, I started seeing snowboards here and there with Volcom logos on the bottom. Volcom had already been making snowboard outerwear since the 90′s, so I thought it made sense that they were going to break into the hardgoods market. Every year since then I keep thinking to myself, “This will be the year they release them.” But nope… I’m proven wrong year after year.

This year with the release of the Gigi Rüf movie, “9191″ I thought for sure they were hyping up their brand as a pre-launch to their 2011 snowboard line, especially since DC recently launched their line of snowboards just a few years back. NOPE. I’m proven wrong again. Word on the street is that for now, they are only making snowboards for team riders so when they are filming/shooting they can rock the Volcom brand exclusively. It’s definitely a different approach to marketing then we have seen before. Supply and demand… only without the supply. I love it.

One thing we do know though, is that Volcom is good at breaking the mold, specially when it comes to their marketing. Legendary snowboarder and snowboard film maker, Dave Seoane and Volcom teamed up again to make this short film called, “Sylvan”. It made me want to have a Scandinavian accent and a Volcom snowboard, just to look cool.

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  2. mattguess

    16. Oct, 2010

    If you all want a Volcom board… go to your local shop that carries Signal snowboards and buy one of those, cause that’s who makes them!!!

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